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This web application encourages users to explore the issue of gerrymandering via an interactive map of US congressional districts and data from the US Census and other sources.

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App Development


Real time map of tweets in Seattle. See if something big is going on near you (right now it's only for Seattle but we'll be updating it soon)


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Site Design and Development


This is an ongoing project for HemeXcel. The main challenge was time, 7 days start to finish. I tried to keep a clean corporate feel with a lot of white space. WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, _S theme, SuperFish.js, Font Awesome


Presentation Development

Sisco presentation screenshot

Cisco - Offline presentation

This project was very interesting. The technical challenges were to create an offline app which would behave like an app and have presentation components. The team consisted of a designer and two developers. We used a custom JavaScript MVC framework. Each view had several cases, depending on where the presenter was in the presentation there was a specific state for the view, this allowed the person back stage to use the arrow keys to go back and forth in the story and the click events were also liked to certain states of each view. JavaScript, HTML, CSS

See part of the presentation
(use the arrow keys for navigation)

Site Design and Development screenshot

BrainCancer.Org - Pro bono

The wonderful people at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute contacted me to see if I could help with their website. The goal is to have a responsive design that is easy for the user to navigate and deliver up-to-date brain cancer information to the people who need it. For the doctors and staff, it needs to be easy to manage so we chose to stay with WordPress but make sure all content can be updated or added through regular posts. WordPress, JavaScript, HTML, CSS _S theme, Google Fonts, SuperFish.js, Font Awesome, Masonry



Seattle Times screenshot

The Seattle Times

I helped build the new log in system and account center and helped implement the LiveFyre commenting system. My primary tasks were to work with the design team and make sure their designs came out pixel perfect and with the development team, making sure all the forms and user data were pulling correctly. PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Site Development

The Martin screenshot

The Martin Seattle

This project pulls in information from the property management API and uses it to activate highlights on the building image and the floor plans. If a unit is not available the highlight will be deactivated. All of the details of each unit is pulled in from the API. JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS. Plugin's used: Imagemapster, ColorBox

The Martin

Site Development

Broadway Performance Hall website image

Chris Elliott Fund - Pro bono

They needed some help getting the site organized. I updated their WordPress template so the site is now responsive and we worked together to organize their content and UI in a more logical manner. WordPress, HTML, CSS

Chris Elliott Fund